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Life In LA Part IX

Title:  Life In LA, Part IX
Author: Brokaholic
Rating: R
Pairing: Jake/Heath/OC
Warnings: This story includes OC/ Dr. Adrian.
Disclaimer: These characters are fictional. They are my creations based on the real life characters of Jake, Heath and Adrian. Nothing in this story actually happened and it is not my intention to slander or speculate. This fiction was created entirely for amusement and there is no financial gain.
Summary: Jake and Adrian meet again…
Notes: unbetaedited! Thanks to schlopki for the avatar; and Rob for his help with this chapter

Jake stopped, to sign some autographs and went through the motions of smiling for the cameras. He liked shining in the limelight, despite how tiring it could get. He figured if his fans could line up for hours waiting to get a glimpse of him, the least he could do was shine for them for a few minutes.
He had a certain glow today. Like a virgin bride being lead to her eager groom. The promise of the dark night and all the tomorrows that follow. He couldn’t wait for the evening to be over, and not because he wasn’t enjoying the spotlight; but because he was looking forward to the hours of the late night right before day break, when surprises where always in store.
Jake was startled when Justin walked up behind him.
“Looking good Jake, almost edible. I could nibble on you all night,’ Justin whispered into his ears.
Jake swirled around, the shocked expression on his face was met with laughter and a friendly jab from Justin.
“You’ve got to F..king kidding me? You caught up in the whole tabloid crap too.” Jake was barely audible over the backdrop of the excitment all around them.
“Na, I’m not…’ and seeing that it drew a smile from Jake continued, “maybe I meant it.”
Jake rolled his eyes. What was it with this entire town? Did everyone suddenly become obssesed with homoeroticism or what. Brad wants to do a gay movie. Austin just outed himself the other day. And Justin was offering to eat him up…and he…well he was waiting to be eaten up tonight.
He choose to take Justin’s statement as a joke; breaking into laughter.
“Well being that Heath isn’t here; you could kiss me to re-enact your kiss.”
Jake starred at him wide eyed. This guy was insane….wasn’t he? “Well that wouldn’t be a re-enactment now would it…cos you see, Jack doesn’t kiss Ennis; Ennis kisses Jack.’
“Semantics; in which case, I’ll kiss you. Or does your heart only throb for Heath.’
“it ain’t about me, Justin. It’s about Jack. But you wouldn’t understand and that’s why you sing and I act.”
“Oh that was such a low shot”
“yeah well so was yours”
“so who does your heart throb for?’

“That…that ain’t none of your F**cking business.”
“I’d love to keep chatting Jake, but truth is, we have an audince.”
“Whatever?” now Jake’s irritation was beginning to show. Justin had probably simply been trying to ruffle his feathers; but he was touchy, everyone was on his case about one fucking kiss. Ok maybe two. Bottom line he got a lot more intimate in sex scenes with women and no one ever questioned his involvement with the actress; not like this.
Well, truth is, he was pissed, cos the day had been going so well and Justin had to bring up talk of hearts and trobbing for Heath, to mess it all up. He was feeling uneasy and it might have to do with feelings that even burried deep beneath the exterior lie there…like a dormant volcano waiting to erupt.
“Well, see you on stage then” Justin’s wink and playful demeanour belied the tone of their earlier conversation so that Jake wasn’t sure if he had been misreading the whole thing. One thing was for sure he was going to stay as far away from Justin as possible. There’s no telling what the dude was capable of.
The MTV awrads show turned out to be quite fun. Jake particularly liked the relaxed, easy going athmosphere. It was more suited to his style and definitley a welcome relief to be at such a high profile event yet not cooked up in a tux.
Justin and Eva came out to present the best kiss award. Jake couldn’t help but chuckle at the looks he was getting from Justin.
“Ranch hand jobs” Jake was laughing but silently wondering who the hell thought that would be funny. At least the Jon Stewart, George Clooney set up at the oscars had been funny. 

Jake had manged to be all smiles until the screen shot of the reunion scene came up. He could feel Ennis on his lips, as Heath crushed him against the wall. He relived those moments and suddenly once again he was plagued with thoughts he had abolished from his mind. No doubt about it watching that shot was riveting and more than a bit disconcerting. However Jake didn’t have time to ponder because he heard the winners announced and had to make his way up stage.
He kept his hand pointed at Justin. ‘You”…and not audible was “stay the fuck away from me’ hand stretched in a semi menancing manner Jake kept as far from Justin as possible. Not far enough though cos he felt the slap on his butt cheeks but somehow this was Jack and Ennis’s moment and nothing could spoil it.
In keeping with the tone of the evening he decided to make a joke about this being the one award he was looking forward to while shoting the scene. His speech was short but filled with emtion because this did mean that Jack and Ennis had found homes in the hearts of the new generation.
And then thinking of Adrian; couldn’t help mentioning all those still searching, still struggling. His fingers crossed that perhaps tonight his search would end.
Jake was stunned to receive his best performance award. Austin had pointed out to him; how very popular he was amongst the MTV crowd. Somehow he sensed it but never knew for sure until tonight.
The awards weren’t over yet but Jake was getting restless he couldn’t wait to meet Adrian…and it made sense to sneak out and ditch the paparazzi from the show.
Adrian walked out of the cool confines of the airconditioned hallways of the Cedars Sinai hospital. He left his car in the parking lot because he didn’t intend to go far. 

The california sun heated all that concrete, not making for most pleasant of walks; but Adrian was too preoccupied with his plans, to notice the drops of prespiration that gathered on his forehead. He had dinner reservations at 'Morton’s' and he was headed to the ajacent 'Le Meredien' to freshen up.
Room keys in hand, he took the elevator to the penthouse and stepped into the place he had reserved for the night. He didn’t know if Jake would be impressed, but the suite was beautifully ornamented. The color scheme remniscent of the sandy dunes of the Sahara.
He found his bags at the corner, where the bell boy had dropped them off earlier. He made a mental note to buy new ones, because, somehow his did not quite fit in with the surrounding luxury. Another stark reminder of the huge difference between their worlds. Adrian was quite well off but he’d go bankcrupt in no time if he attempted the penthouse room scenario once too often. He decided not to dwell on it.
It took him half and hour, a few ounces of gel, a sprit of parfum and he was ready to stand in waiting, for Jake. He hoped Jake won his award…then thought of the best kiss award; he couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of Heath. Only momentarily because somehow Adrian knew that away from calgary and not make believe like that kiss; he was going to be locking lips with the man of his dreams tonight. And somehow their kiss would be even better ,simply because it was real.
A knock on the door jilted him back to reality. It was room service bringing up some extras and a message from the lobby that his limo was waiting.
OK Adrian, go have yourself a night ‘a la Hollywood’, with one of it’s biggest stars.
Adrian arrived at Jamie’s house party a few minutes late. He was on the guest as promised. Ofcourse the hired secirty didn’t recongise him as a celebrity, and that meant it took a while to get to the front door. His fustration evaporated the moment he saw those blue eyes starring back at him. The silent moment between them saying more than a thousand words. The raw desire in Jake’s eyes unmistakeable. Matthew McConaughey walked up to them and Jake turned around, snapping out of the moment.
“Matt..meet Adrian”
“Any friend of Jake’s is always welcome here.” Matt Stretched out a hand to shake Adrian and wrapped his free arm around Jake to pull him into a hug.
The green face of jealousy reared it’s head once again and Adrian couldn’t help but notice that he had never felt quite so territorial about any of his lovers…not that Jake was his lover…not yet.
The rest of the evening was a hazy memory for Adrian as he mingled with the crowd meeting celebrity after celebrity. He didn’t really care though. His eyes were all for Jake. The only one in the room that held his interest.
He held Jake’s gaze from across the room and all evening they danced the waltz with their eyes. Moving in unison at times, side steping eachother at other times, it was a sensual prelude of the night to come. The suggestive slant of the eyes heavy with desire not lost on either man.
And yet no one was the wiser when they left. Sneaking out, one after the other.
Adrian sat in the limo, waiting for Jake to make his way across the garden. He looked down at the hardness straining against his slacks, the drop of precum almost soaking through the fabric. “Damn! Gylly, we haven’t even kissed yet.” He said to himself. He shifted in the seat trying to get more comfortable, as he watched Jake approach.
The Limo ride, the lovely dinner, all went by in a breeze. Adrian’s only memory, the beats his heart missed everytime Jake licked the corner of his mouth. And boy he did that a lot. Each time, Adrian wished, Jake wasn’t who he was and, he could reach across the table and pull him into a kiss.
All in good time Adrian, All in good time.
Jake went up to the room, while he stayed back to pick up the tab. Adrian made a detour to the bathroom, just to make sure there was no one on his tail, and then took the elevator up to meet Gylly.
Adrian took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It’s now or never, he thought to himself.
He was pulled into the room and pinned against the wall by an eager Jake . Starring into Adrian’s eyes so close their breaths mingled, enjoying the magic of the moment and yet not finding the courage to drink from those lips like he had the week before.
Adrian grabbed Jake and turned him, so Jake was now the one backed against the wall. He started grinding his hips against him, making sure ,there was no doubting just how hard he made him. He raised his hand and rans his thumb along Jake’s cheek, outlining his jaw and finally across his lips.
He noticed Jake close his eyes. “Don’t, I want you to witness every single moment.”
Ever so slowly he closed the distance between their lips and their tonges found eachother, teasing, provocking; taking and giving as they drowned in the sensations they had only imagined for the last week.
Jake broke the kiss and reached for Adrian’s jacket, tugging at the hands to get him out of it. “You are a tad bit overdressed.”
“You think?” Adrian was laughing and bent to trace kisses on Jake’s neck.
Adrian walks backward dragging Jake with him towards the bedroom. They knocked over lamps and furniture, shedding their clothing on the way, never breaking contact, lips on lips, lips on skin.
Jake lets out a yelp as Adrian turns around and pushes him unto the silk covers of the king size bed. He waits to feel that warm manly form over him but noticing Adrian has no intention of joining him props himslef up on his elbows.
Adrian’s eyes aflame with desire, every nerve ending screaming with want, Jake staring at him like a scene right out of wet dream. He took a deep breath trying to steady himself.
Having Jake watch him was tantalizing so he rewarded him; unbuckling his pants, letting them slide over his legs. He sensed the heat in the room go up one notch as Jake stared at him transfixed. Ever so slowly he slipped out of his briefs, finally freeing the hardness they held in check all night.
Jake licked his lips and Adrian felt his cock twitch in response. He was afraid if Jake kept looking at him like that he’d completely lose it.
He back away from the bedside still holding Jake’s gaze.
“Join me” he said to Jake as he turned and walked into the bathroom.
He set the water to just the right temprature, and got in, hoping Jake would find the courage to join him. A part of him, wanted to walk back out there, and seduce Jake into submission; but he needed for Jake to come to him. He needed him to take that plunge all by himself.
Jake sat on the edge of the bed, listening to the sound of the shower, conjuring up images of Adrian stark naked under the jet of water. He knew why Adrian had left him here…to make that final decision for himself no strings, no pressure. Yet Jake couldn’t help feeling he hadn’t consumed nearly enough alcohol to do it; there’d be no way out, no escape, no denial; He’d have to go to Adrian cos he wanted it.
But then Jake already knew he wanted it. Had wanted it for a very long time now. It was all about having the courage to follow through; go for what you want. Fuck you Adrian, I was all yours for the taking, why didn’t you just make it easy, kiss me until we were tangled in each other's arms not remembering where I ended and where you began? Fuck you! Adrian, for making me want you so bad, I can’t leave…I can’t walk out of here when every inch of me screams for you.
He got up and took off every last piece of clothing. In all his glory he took those last steps to the bathroom. Jake noticed Adrian’s breathing or rather the lack there of and smiled to himself. He stepped into the bath tub and let his fingers follow the trail of water from Adrian’s chest down to where his cock stood out at a right angle.
‘Oh Gylly”
“Gylly?” Jake wrapped his fingers around Adrian’s dick.
“Hmm..” Adrian wasn’t capable of coherent thoughts anymore. He grabbed the railings for support. He bent his head back letting the spray of water pour directly onto his face.
“Don’t you ever walk away from a man who wants to fuck,” Jake said, letting Adrian’s cock go, and reaching around to hold him in an embrace.
“I never have before…and never again.” Adrian bent down to kiss those tempting lips, grateful to the fate that had brought them together.
The taste of each man was diluted by the water they gulped down while kissing. The warm wetness of their skin, an erotic delight, as they slid against each other, grinding, hip against hip.
Adrian reached down to grab both of their cocks, perfectly aligned, in his hands, stroking them both in one motion.
The feel of Adrian’s cock on his, and those strong able hands wrapped around him, was driving Jake insane.
Adrian turned Jake around and taking the soap in his hand began to leather him all over. Reaching around to massage his chest, tweaking his nipples between his fingers.
The overwhelming combination of sensations were chipping away at Jake’s self control, Adrian’s kisses on his nape, the feel of the cock sandwiched between his butt cheeks. “I think I’m clean enough.” He managed to mutter.
“Not yet, I’ve missed one spot.” Adrian grabbed Jake’s dick in hands. Rubbing his hands up and down the shaft.
“Fuck!……. Adrian……. I’m going to come.” Jake leaned back, resting against Adrian, not confident his legs could hold him anymore.
“Now we are both clean,” Adrian pulled Jake completely under the stream of water to wash the soap off, running his hands over Jake’s torso.
Jake reached for the vette towel and decided to give Adrian some pay back treatment, drying him off one drop at time, lightly soaking up the pearls of water on his skin.
He noticed how Adrian bite down on his lip, and the muscles under his hands trembled when he caressed the skin with his fingers. Jake bent down to dry Adrian’s legs, and his cock, hard and trobbing beckoned. He let his lips touch the tip, licking up the drop of precum barely clinging on. Adrian moaned in response goading him on. The need to drive Adrian over the edge irresistible, he took the long shaft into his mouth. The sensation was weird at first but soon he was sucking on it like it was the tastiest icecream bar he had ever had.
“stop?” Jake mumbled mouth still full of his meat.
“I beg you…………pleeeassseee”
Jake could feel Adrian’s thigh’s tremble and knew he’d have to stop if he wanted this session to last any longer. He stood up and towelled himself dry, letting Adrian regain his composure.
Jake smacked Adrian with the towel, “your turn to run after me now.”
He ran out of the bathroom but Adrian was on his heels. Adrian reached out and wrestled him down onto the bed, pinning him face down against the linnens.
Adrian trailed light kisses all over his back, heading lower with each kiss, until his face was nested between the cheeks of Jake’s butt.
He ran his tounge around the tight red cherry teasing it open slowly. Finally when Jake could take it no more he let his tongue find the hole, using his mouth in ways Jake hadn’t even imagined possible.
Adrian reached for the bottle of lub he had brought with him, and applied it generously to the tight entrance.
“Relax...I’m not going to do anything you don’t want to do...and I’ll stop anytime you say so.”

"Your not going to put that big thing in my hole....it will not fit" Jake’s a tad bit scared.

Adrian smiled ‘Trust me Gylly...I’m the doctor.....it definitely will fit !”
Adrian pulled on a lubricated condom and turned Jake around so he could see and kiss him. His eyes reassuring him each step.
He positioned himself into place and gently inserted the head of his cock into Gylly.   
Jake winced from the pain and he heard Adrian say to relax.

Easy for him to say ! Jake thinks to himself.
“Pretend you are taking a dump...and push your rectal bustles out...Yeah like that, …..that’s it,…..much easier now”. 
 Adrian withdrew, then reinserted himself into Jake's tight channel making it about half way in this time.     
“You in?”
Adrian smiled… “halfway there.”
Finally...with lots of lub, kisses and coaxing ,Adrian made it all the way in.  He continued to passionately kiss Jake; trying to give back some of the pleasure he was getting from those muscles clenched around him.
He knew the moment he hit that sweet pleasure spot inside, because Jake let out a cry of delight, the sensation a revelation.

The rhythm of love making increased and Jake rose to meet his every stroke. Adrian could not hold back anymore.
“Jake……..Fuck….I’m going to come.”

It took two more thrusts and Adrian came, his cum pooling in the condom. He pulled out and focused his full attention on Jake’s cock; bringing him to a quick and lengthy orgasm.  They both lay back spent and tired.

“I had no idea it could be like this........” Jake snuggles into his arms.
“Me neither, Gylly, me neither.”

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Jul. 21st, 2006 08:52 am (UTC)
*squeee* you used my icon *makes happy dance* lol

well he was waiting to be eaten up tonight


i like this story..cant wait what will happen..will heath ever know about jake's feelings? does heath have feelings too?

jake and adrian's shower session and sex was very hot! i'm ok with adrian and jake here..so it would be ok for me when jake ends up with adrian, not with heath *lol*
Jul. 21st, 2006 02:42 pm (UTC)
Hehehe....Yes! and thanks for letting me take the avatar. I figured I'd make a big deal about finally getting to some smex;-)

I'm glad you liked it...
Jul. 21st, 2006 11:55 am (UTC)
Oh Gylly!
Woo-wee! Alice!! Fantastic chapter. Just the thing to start my day off with a bang, heehee.

“Join me” he said to Jake as he turned and walked into the bathroom.

Damn that was hot - Adrien walking away, making Jake come to him. I loved how Jake turned it around leaving the bathroom too. And it was adorable Adrien using his Gylly nickname for the first time.

Jul. 21st, 2006 02:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Oh Gylly!
Hello Monica, Thanks for the comment that truly warmed my heart. nothing is harder for me to write than smex scenes. I truly am in awe of authors who manage it so easily writing for us chapter after of the hawtest smex scenes...Like my friend Lolita.

So yeah, I guess you comment is a huge positive reinforcement...hopefully I'll only get better at it.

Jul. 21st, 2006 12:33 pm (UTC)
Ahhhhhh.... Alice, it's been a long wait but it's well worth it!
this chapter is so hot!! The doctor knows what he's doing.

I also love Adrian's green eyes and possessiveness (already!). :-)
got a feeling Jake is not over Heath though (can't blame him, he played Jack too well!), can't wait to see what's gonna happen.

Nice insert of that Timberlake incident, he's horrible!

Jul. 21st, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks Eve, I am really flattered you think it was worth the wait.

I kinda got the feeling from the distance Jake was keeping from Justin that this was the continuation of an earlier conversation. Jake knew for sure Justin was going to try something....maybe kiss him? I'm glad you like that elaboration in this chapter and thanks so much for your comments.

HUgs from a brokaholic friend
Jul. 21st, 2006 07:22 pm (UTC)
Wow, that was HOT, Alice!!!

I like the backstory you created for the MTV Awards with Justin.
Jul. 21st, 2006 08:08 pm (UTC)
Good to see your comment♥♥♥ * Alice hugs it tight* like the treasure it is.

Aha so you liked the Justin interlude...*smiles*...yep I guess Justin is known for being naugthy and wild;-)
Jul. 22nd, 2006 02:14 am (UTC)
Yes, I really liked the Justin interlude, but now you've got me wanting to see what else he might do...

Jul. 22nd, 2006 03:03 am (UTC)
Hahaha...no chance of that...hehehe....Ok can't stop laughing.....you have a crazy imagination....and it's contaminating me...NOOOOOOO...;-)
Jul. 22nd, 2006 03:07 am (UTC)
You're right, I do have a crazy imagination...

*whispers to Alice*

"what else might Justin do?"

"crazy, wild, CURIOUS? Justin"

"what else would he do?"

Jul. 23rd, 2006 03:47 am (UTC)
That might be topic for another fic...hehehe...can't spoil the party for Adrian now, can I ;-)?
Jul. 23rd, 2006 04:39 am (UTC)
*mumbles* *mutters* *grumbles*

Well, I guess not... but maybe right after Heath admits to tentative feelings for Jake and Jake says he's too late, Heath could find himself at a party and see Justin there?


Oh, alright! :)
Jul. 21st, 2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
Sexorgeous, excellent, so glad I got caught up on the story!
Jul. 21st, 2006 08:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment dear, it's greatly appreciated!
Jul. 22nd, 2006 03:03 pm (UTC)
Dr. Adrian is the man!!!
I mean c'mon!! Who could ask for a better man to bust Jake Gyllenhaal's cherry!! And he did it with such loving care and oh how grateful Jake and your readers are for it!! Passionate, sexy and highly romantic. Heath needs to keep his butt in New York, he had his chance!!

Great back story at the MTV Movie Awards. You can tell Jake wasn't that comfortable around Justin Timberlake and your story gave us an easy "let's pretend" explanation for it. Justin is a jerk!

As always

Jul. 23rd, 2006 03:43 am (UTC)
Re: Dr. Adrian is the man!!!
Hello George.

I am glad you think Adrian did a good job ;-) I did make a point of the fact that first time around is painful. I think in the end it came out realistic...now that I read it again maybe too realistic ;-) and yeah tons and tons of lub and affection and Jake really wanting it.

I'm glad you liked it..I guess I do hope I get better at writing smex scenes eventually...ofcourse I am nowhere close to your really really hot scenes;-)

Jul. 22nd, 2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
oh my god!!!
This is the hottttest story! I think they are amazing together! Can hardly wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work!

Jul. 23rd, 2006 03:44 am (UTC)
Re: oh my god!!!
Oh why, Thank you. *blushes*
Jul. 22nd, 2006 09:12 pm (UTC)
OMG! Alice! You did it!!!!
And it was soooo gorgeously hot and loving as well..
You just have the nail bang on the head when it comes to the sweet and tender touch in writing, hope that you know that. :)
I was reading this with my mouth half open, drooling everywhere at the visuals!
And yah to promoting the thread! Hee hee!
Jul. 23rd, 2006 03:46 am (UTC)
Thank you! chica, for your friendship, your inspiration and for simply being the wonderful person that you are.

Your props means alot to me cos you know I hold your smut writing in high regard. Thanks for the positive reinforcement...

Hugs from a brokaholic friend
Jul. 24th, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
"Trust me Gylly...I’m the doctor.....it definitely will fit !”"

I have such a weakness for that whole doctor-thing, it's so terribly sexy, like the whole story is. Breathtaking hot and sexy!
Jul. 25th, 2006 05:33 pm (UTC)
Actually I have to credit that one liner to a friend of mine...who has been wonderful helping me with Ideas for this fic.

I'm glad you are liking the "doctor" thing...me too;-)

Thanks for commenting...hugs Brokaholic aka Alice
Aug. 5th, 2006 04:55 am (UTC)
What more can anyone say that hasn't already been said except "more already!!". Adrian and Jake are the perfect pairing on so many levels and your writing style makes it all so believable. The thought of the two of them sends my dirty girl fantasies into the stratosphere! Thank you for this! Shari
Aug. 9th, 2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
Re: MORE!!!
Agree! Agree! But it's way too long between chapters. Any chance of seeing a new one next week?? Pleeeeaassee?!
Aug. 5th, 2006 05:05 am (UTC)
With regards Alice
" His speech was short but filled with emtion because this did mean that Jack and Ennis had found homes in the hearts of the new generation.

And then thinking of Adrian; couldn’t help mentioning all those still searching, still struggling. His fingers crossed that perhaps tonight his search would end. "

Just wanted to add to the already amazing responses that you've been getting, how much I enjoy reading this fiction and how wonderful you are at literally piecing both the mens lives together to create a story completely believable and captivating. That comment you wrote about the MTV Awards and how he was thinking of ADrian while saying the statement was not only ingenious but heartfelt and consistent with so much that we all know about Jake. Thank you for that. You show the side to Jake that so many of us already care about, and paint a portrait of a man (Adrian) that only adds to the fond feelings that so many of us already hold for him. The actual spirit of all that is Brokeback is alive in your story, only this time, hopefully, both cowboys will stay on the saddle together. Steve B.

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