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Life IN LA, Part VII

Title:  Life In LA, Part VII
Author: Brokaholic
Rating: NC 17-R
Pairing: Jake/Heath/OC
Warnings: This story includes OC/ Dr. Adrian.
Disclaimer: These characters are fictional. They are my creations based on the real life characters of Jake, Heath and Adrian. Nothing in this story actually happened and it is not my intention to slander or speculate. This fiction was created entirely for amusement and there is no financial gain.

Summary: Jake and Adrian meet again…(and they have company!)

Thanks to lolitaray for her help on this chapter.

The moment was interuppted by a voice floating towards them from across the room.



They both looked up to see Austin and Peter waving and Jake signalled them to come over.


“Austin, you know Adrian, Peter this is Adrian a good friend of mine.”


Adrian stretched his hands out to shake Peter before nodding towards Austin who was a tad bit further away than it was comfortable to reach over to shake.


Austin’s eyes bored into Adrian when he realised who Jake was out with, while Peter found the entire thing very funny. Everyone except Jake knew that Austin had a huge crush on him and watching Austin being so territorial was hillarious. Of course Peter had no way of knowing just how close to the bull’s eye Austin was reading the situation.


Jake and Adrian both scutted over to make room on both ends of the couch for Austin and Peter to join them. Austin rushed to Jake’s side while Peter slipped into the space next to Adrian.


“so Adrian you’re a doctor, huh?”asked Peter


“Yep…”He took a sip of his Martini. “What about you all that stuff in the media about you true?”


Peter smiled looking at Jake,”Wow the guy has guts and meets one head-on. I am almost afraid to ask what exactly you mean but on thing I can usually say for sure is whatever it is probably not true.”


“So,you are not engaged to Maggie?”


“Oh that I am! Never assume a question; right?”


“What did you think Adrian meant Peter?” Jake couldn’t resist 


“Oh well you know all the post BBM mania of slash pairs…me and you…pour example…”


“Peter, you do the worst French accent.” Austin mocked him.


“Now I know why they passed me up for the Davinci Code.” Peter made a crying face and they all bust out in laughter.


“Oh my! Gentlemen, You’ll have to excuse me…nature calls.” Adrian managed between bouts of laughter.


Peter got up to let Adrian out but then decided to follow him to the bathroom.


Austin watched as Jake kept his eyes fixed on the departing duo.

“So what’s the deal with you two?” Austin asked


“There’s no deal, I think he’s very nice and I figured I need new friends.”


“Why what’s wrong with your old ones?” Austin’s frustration was manifesting in a very unpleasant way.


“Nothing…it’s just….oh I don’t know Austin. I like him is all.”


“Oh Jakey, if you needed a new friend, why did it have to be a fucking gay guy.”Austin let his head drop, starring at the Kenneth Cole loafers Jake was wearing.


“what does that have to do anything?” now Jake was getting upset too.


“Oh nothing, Just that you are so hung up on everyword he’s saying, your eyes follow him across the room. Fuck Jake why Him?”Austin looked up and almost as a whisper added, “…why not me?”


“Oh Austin…it’s not like that!”


“You don’t fool me Jake…I know you aren’t as straight as you like to delude yourself you are. Those summers weren’t just about kids fooling around cos we was bored. You wanted it as much as I did….and now” Austin let his head drop catching his face in his palms so his voice was mumbled the words lost the flesh of his fingers, “now I wish I had called you on that shit years ago!”


Jake started to move a hand toward his friend but stopped because he had no clue what to say. What could he say to make it right?


“Thing is; I truly thought making Brokeback mountain would make you find your way out of the closet………….It only gave you extra Heath baggage to carry.”


and Heath led me to Adrian…unable to voice the thought out  loud Jake sat still saying nothing.


Austin stared at Jake.  The combination of alcohol and anger had made him bold. But now the silence from the man next to him, more telling than a thousand words tore him apart and the first of the many tears he would shed came to his eyes.


“Austin…I’m sorry..I never meant…” Jake was interrupted by the sight of Adrian and Peter laughing, walking towards the table.


Austin placed a fifty dollar bill on the table and stood; not looking up least the other men notice his watery eyes. “let’s go Peter…I’m beat.”


Peter looked confused but caught the pained expression on Jake’s face and realised what was going on. He shook hands with Adrian and Jake and followed Austin out.


“I feel like I am the only one left out here…” Adrian said when they were alone again.


“Oh Adrian, I feel horrible…but I can’t talk about it..not with you.’


“So I was being left out.”


“It’s not what you think.”


“Oh Man…I don’t ‘think’ anything.” Adrian inched towards Jake until their thighs were touching, eyebrows raised suggestively, hoping to pick up where they had left off.


“You are something else…you know exactly what to say, what to do, to make me hard with want. You know all the right buttons to push! …of course you do…you are gay and ohhhhh I am sure very experienced in this kind of thing…why’d you mess with my mind!” Jake got up and walked to the bathroom leaving behind a stunned Adrian.


Jake turned on the faucet letting the water run into the sink. Pooling water into his hands and splashing it over his face. Hoping to wake up from this ugly dream. He’d probably lost his best friend today. A friend he had mostly taken for granted, who was always there; always giving. He taught of himself and Heath. Back in Calgary he had wanted to be so much more than friends…but knowing that wasn’t going to happen he had tried to be the best friend he could be to Heath…as if by making himself indispensable to Heath, he would come to love him eventually. It was only when Matilda showed up he had started losing his fantasy; but the pain of it had lingered for quite a while. Was that how He and Austin had been. Jake clueless; Austin trying to be an ideal friend…hoping to get his chance someday.


Then he remembered the hot summer nights when they had camped out in tents, the heat driving them to sleep in under pants and they had jerked each other off under the sheets. Both ignoring it all the next morning, never talking about it…until Jake hadn’t been sure it wasn’t just all in his mind.


“Oh Austin I am so very sorry” Jake starred at himself in the mirror. “I had no Idea!”


A familiar face came into view in the mirror. Jake shut off the water and turned to face him shaking the last drops of water off his hands.


Adrian turned the knob locking the door behind him.

Jake’s shoulders dropped in shame and his starred at the floor until the tiles formed a kaleidoscope in his eyes. Jake could feel his head spinning. He had lashed out at Adrian; when it was himself he was upset with but worst of all he had admitted to Adrian that he... “Oh Adrian…”


Before he could say anymore Adrian was next to him; pulling him into his arms. Adrian cut off all words planting his lips firmly on Jake’s. Not savoring the taste as he would have wanted, but kissing Jake with all the hunger and want inside of him.


Jake moaned into his mouth and Adrian felt a tremble in his thighs. In between kisses Adrian warned, “Jake, stop playing with me, one minute cold, the next hot” Adrian kissed him hard, stifling whatever response Jake had wanted to voice. “I am as queer as they come. I’ve always known it and I’m no innocent but this is new for me too.” Adrian grabbed Jake’s hand and pulled it towards his crouch. “Feel what you do to me Jake!” “You drive me fucking insane with want.” Adrian traced a trail of kisses on Jake’s face and all the way to his neck right below his ear. Still holding Jake’s Hand over his hardness; he whispered in his ear, “ when you were grinding into me on the bike the other day, I was so hard with wanting you…oh man! I don't think I've ever been that hard!”


Jake held the evidence of Adrian’s lust in his hands and suddenly his fingers where wrapping around the throbbing member, stroking him through his pants. “ So why did you stop me?” Jake asked, shivering from the light kisses Adrian showered in his nape.


Adrian stopped for a second, not wanting his words lost between kisses, “cos I wanted it to be about more than just sex.”


“Oh Adrian…” Jake let out a whimper as Adrian pulled his hand away form his crotch and ground against him, aligning their dicks so that the precum that soaked through their trousers touched together.


Adrian pulled away, searching the depths of the blue eyes before him. He found  a filter of desire that matched his own and with a groan surrendered himself to those blue eyes. He brought down his head to seek another Kiss.


This time Jake matched his passion. Meeting him stroke for stroke. Their groins grinding against each other seeking relief from the wanting that held them captive.


Adrian broke away, “Oh fuck Jake, you are going to make me come in my pants.’


“ I am ?…I am” an unsure question and a solemn promise, sealed with a kiss as Jake pursued Adrian’s lips, stopping to nibble in his lower lip until Adrian moaned, his eyes shut to everything but the pleasure he was receiving.


Jake found the courage to let his hands explore and tentatively at first, they set out to feel the hard torso pressed up against him. Adrian was consumed by passion stronger than he had ever felt. Jake’s fingers touched all the right places and his body responded, his breathing so hard. Jake emboldened tugged at Adrian’s belt, pulling open the buckle. He slid his underwear down; just low enough for Adrian's cock to spring free. He curled his fingers around the shaft and began a slow upward stroke.


Adrian arched his back, and a guttural sound escaped him. “Oh Jake that’s good, So very good.”


There was a pounding on the door and they pulled apart, taking a moment to compose themselves. Adrian motioned for Jake to go into one of the cubicles and shut the door.


After making sure whoever it was wouldn’t get a glimpse of Jake, Adrian opened the door.


The blond guy standing at the door stared at Adrian, first with eyes full questions but then the stare turned to one of admiration…of desire. Adrian was used to such lust filled glances. He said a “No thanks” and moved past the door to the corridor that lead back to the bar.


Jake waited in the locked cubicle, standing on the toliet, until an absence of sound indicated the coast was clear.


Adrian was seating at the couch sipping on a martini and Jake noticed there was another glass of freshly mixed martini waiting for him.


He slipped into the seat next Adrian, this time making sure they were brushing against each other.



It was 3am when the Taxi pulled up to Jake’s place. Adrian would have wanted badly to lean over and kiss Jake….but somehow he still had the mental capacity to realize that with the driver watching it would surely hit the tabloids in the morning. So he settled for a squeeze of his hand and a look that told Jake just how bad he wanted him.


Jake wasn’t planning on backing down quite so easily. “Hmm…Sir could you wait a while, I have to things to make sure this guy gets home?”…it wasn’t quite a question because there was only one possible answer.


Once they were behind shut doors. Jake pulled Adrian in for a kiss. All that sexual tension from the fondling under the table getting the better of them. Finally when they pulled apart, Adrian placed a kiss on his forehead and whispered, “what I said about this not being simply about the sex.” Another kiss. “I meant it.” And with that Adrian walked out of the house and to the waiting cab…but not before turning back to promise… “I’ll call you!”




In the morning Jake woke up with a smile on his face. He would call Austin later and try to talk things through. He was so filled with positive energy he felt he could walk on water.


He stretched to pick up his phone from the floor underneath the pile of clothes he had worn the night before.


It was Heath.


“Hello Heath…waaazzuuupppp!” Jake was happier than he had been in ages and this carried over in his voice.


“Hello Jake, I’m fine mate. Just wanted to call and let you know I won’t be making it to the MTV awards….” After a long pause Heath thinking they got cutt off called out again….”Jake?”


“Fuck you Heath!”


“What was that for?”


“For always being so completely unaware of everyone and everything going on around you!” Jake hung up, not quite sure why he was so mad. He would go to the fucking show alone; to hell with Heath Ledger.


Jul. 13th, 2006 08:22 am (UTC)
I'm actually becoming addicted to this story! It seems so real to life and easy to imagine. It's sexy, hot, funny, cute and touching all at the same time. What a great story, looking forward to much more about the good Doctor and the young prince of his dreams, Jake.

Sylvie G.



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