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Life IN LA, Part IV

Title:  Life In LA, Part IV
Author: Brokaholic

Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Jake/Heath/OC
Warnings: This story includes OC/ Dr. Adrian.
Summary: Heath's remorse...Adrian and Jake clicked, right?
Disclaimer: These characters are fictional. They are my creations based on the real life characters of Jake, Heath and
Adrian. Nothing in this story actually happened and it is not my intention to slander or speculate. This fiction was created entirely for amusement and there is no financial gain.
Author’s Notes: Thanks Adrian ;-) as always.

Heath stared at the phone…He had gotten Jake’s voice mail again. He was having a frustrating day and not being able to reach Jake all morning wasn’t helping. Before he could ponder the many possible reasons why Jake had not gotten back to him, the car pulled to a stop in front of the C.A.A. office on Wilshire blvd. He took a deep breath as he waited for the chauffeur to let him out of the car (a habit he had a hard time mastering).


Today was going to be a long day, a whole lot of paperwork and signing to do. Sometimes he wished he could just jump ship to New York completely, but he knew that he needed his agent to have a handle on the pulse of industry and that was here in Hollywood.


He had been planning to take some time off and focus on being a Dad; a lot of time off; a year or 2 even. It had been wonderful being at home with Matilda, not having to gallivant from one filming location to another, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of incompleteness that haunted him; so he decided to get back on the bandwagon and occupy his time with work. Actually it was Michelle that had pushed him to call his agent for the role when she noticed the fact that he was both happy and miserable at the same if such a thing was possible.


 “I feel like I have conquered the world and lost myself in the process.” He had said to her.So here he was, in LA, trying to find himself again; he anticipated shooting this movie would not be all it had been made out to be, but then, there had been something a tad bit negative about him lately.


He wished he had Michelle and her smiles to cheer him up; but she had decided to take Matilda to the beach, thinking the salty breeze will do her some good. Matilda was always calm at the beach; almost like she was trying to capture the sounds of the ocean. Normally Heath would have joined them for an hour or two, since Jake had been incommunicado, but they were meeting Katie and her little girl so he decided to let them enjoy each others company, as they rarely had a chance to just sit and chit chat.


The clock above the reception counter struck one. Heath was amused by the cuk- cuk sound….he hadn’t seen one of those in a while, and somehow he had never noticed it before. It was perfectly blended in with the décor, the mahogany tables and chairs in the lobby.


 Of course, he was expected so there would be no waiting. He followed the usher to the elevator. He hoped they would be done by three in the afternoon; he still needed to meet with his publicist, to discuss, among other things, the MTV movies awards. They weren’t for another 3 weeks but if he was planning to go, he needed to work on the strategy for pre-award publicity.


Best Kiss! The thought still put a smile on his face even now. Then he thought of Jake and how unfair he had been at the hospital; and his spirit plunged engulfed by guilt and remorse.


He snapped out his self chastising when the elevator doors slid open, and stepped off to meet his agent; who was waiting, hand stretched, for the customary handshake, before leading him through the revolving glass doors that led into the conference room already occupied by the Producers and Cast Director of the feature film he was signing on for.


Lawyers on both sides had worked hours on this contract; the huge bill from his lawyer attested to that, so this was simply a formality, knotting the ribbon.


It was late in the afternoon by the time Heath was done with the publicist. They hadn’t set anything in stone preferring the route of uncertainty as the cloak for this event. Mostly Heath just wasn’t sure he could face the attention and by now he was really worried he might have pushed Jake a bit too far. It was not like Jake to not call him back. He was only in LA for the weekend; didn’t Jake realize how precious time was. Ok, so he had overreacted at the hospital; but that’s my lil girl mate, he thought to himself, he had been very worried! Jake would forgive and forget…he always did…he was an understanding guy like that…the best friend a Guy could have, in fact the only one he would ever leave the care of his daughter to; should anything ever happen to him and Michelle. 


He raced to his hotel room. There was barely enough time to get ready. The game started in 2 hours. Well Jake would call him eventually he rationalized, he might be avoiding him, but Jake would never miss the game… not the Lakers vs. Clippers game…no way!


He looked around for the ticket Jake had given him the night before; found it under a stack of papers that included their return ticket and some flyers from the hotel. He placed the ticket on the edge of the bed and hit the shower.


Michelle and Matilda were back from the beach when Heath came out of the shower, hair wet and towel wrapped around him.


“How are my little girls?” He grabbed Matilda from Michelle kissing his wife first and then bending to brush his lips against the soft skin of his little angel.


“Well this big ‘little girl’ is exhausted and hoping your little ‘little girl’ will fall asleep real soon.”  Michelle radiated beauty and warmth.


She was so beautiful and graceful… Heath had been in awe of her since his teen years; not quite believing it when he had heard she was going to be his co-star… 


He almost couldn’t believe his luck when they had hit it off. But then he wasn’t expecting to get along quite so well with Jake either. Funny how up on his brokeback mountain, he had found two of the people he loved most in the world…a third very little person showing up shortly after. He often thought of all the fans that sent him mail daily; mentioning how the movie had enriched their lives…well BBM had enriched his life too, like the miracle of the love Ennis and Jack shared had spilled over…bringing good fortune to those it reached. Lighting the path; so others might find the happiness that had eluded them in the end.


Matilda smiled clapping her hands in front of her as Heath set her down on the huge king size bed in the room. He snatched the Ticket from the bed and placed it out of Matilda’s reach simultaneously reaching over to seize a toy which he rattled in front of her; playing with her for a few minutes while conversing with Michelle.


Michelle walked about putting away the stuff from their day trip…and some things she had bought at the little boutiques on the pier…she hadn’t been able to resist!


“Heath, you had better get dressed or you will be late!” Michelle chided.


Heath made a face which had her smiling as always, and left her to tend to Matilda while he got dressed.


“So is Jake picking you or you guys meeting at the staples center?” She asked sitting her self next to Matilda who was still preoccupied with shaking the….


“We’ll meet up there…”his voice faded, no sure why but he wasn’t about to tell Michelle he hadn’t spoken to Jake all day.


“I hope you apologized for being a total ass last night,” she paused dropping her arms, “actually we both were. Jake is such a darling and I have been feeling so bad about it all day.”


“Well, you know me…..and Jake, we are not into the whole schmaltzy stuff. He knows I didn’t mean it like it came out, just one of those things.”  Heath all dressed, bent over her and kissed her lips… “and you my dear know I love you so very much,”  he ran his fingers through her hair, leaning on his other hand, the creases of the bed cover cutting into his knuckles.


“I love you too. You go on.” She pushed at his chest “I’ll just bath Matilda, but her to sleep and make it an early night for me too.”


A few more kisses and tender moments and Heath was walking out of the hotel lobby , game ticket in hand; he checked his phone…hoping Jake had called while he was in the shower. No such luck; he stood waiting for the chauffer to bring the car around; reminding himself Jake would never miss the game.


Adrian had dropped of Jake an hour earlier and he had hit the shower immediately.  He was all smiles as he sat on his bedside and picking up the house phone dialed the number of his publicist. Jake wanted to ask her the usual favors; to have her send someone to pick up his car; except this time it was from a hospital. Good thing he had more than one car or he would be stuck. 

Now, of course she wanted details of what was going on, but he successfully stonewalled her; something she found very irritating. She reminded him that somehow it would hit the news stands and it was always better if she had a head start on the press.


A mental image of a picture; him rubbing sun block on those beefy rippled shoulder, on the news stands, made him say a silent prayer. Hopefully there had been no paparazzi; the beach had been deserted, and yet he knew all too well the resourcefulness of the guys that made their living obtaining exclusive photos for the tabloids. He shut the nightmare scenario out of his mind and assured Dana that she had nothing to be worried about.


He placed the phone into its cradle and fished through the pockets of his discarded Jeans for his cell phone.  He saw the missed calls from Heath and looked at the clock…the game was not for another hour. He could still make it, he sighed knowing Heath and knowing that he was eating himself up over last night right now. I did freak him and he was worried shitless about his daughter. I’d probably do the same….No you wouldn’t you’d care about his feelings way too much. Ok so don’t forgive him but come on the Lakers game…

Jake flashed back to the first Laker game he had watched with Heath. He had got out a six pack, adjusted the couch so he would be as comfortable as possible in his trailer moved the antenna around; the reception on his little satellite devise was a bit faulty, he needed a new one but he was kind of attached to the aged thing.  Just as he was about to sink into the comfort of his pillow couch there was a knock on the door. Even then Jake had not had the heart to just get rid of him. And instead he had invited him in.  Jake let him have the couch and sat on the bed… he then spent half the game explaining the finer points of the game, the 3 second rule, offensive fouls, turnovers and lay-ups.


 It took forever to get Heath to understand the game stats and how good 62% field goal percentage actually was. Finally; perhaps it was Jake’s enthusiasm that won him over but game ended with both them routing for the Lakers as Parker made the jump shot to take the lead by one point with 5 Seconds on the clock. They had both been holding their breath for those last 5 secs…hoping the defense would hold up for long enough. They did; and Jake and Heath actually jumped up, fists pounding the air in the type of euphoria that sports tended to generate. They hugged and Heath patted him on the back, forming the bonds of a friendship that would be both very strong and very…: well definitely  not what Jake had been planning but there was something about Heath…even then; just barely friends that had drawn him like a fly is drawn to black light. Except in those moments there was no way he could have known that just like a fly he was being drawn to his doom.

He held his ticket to the Laker game and cursed like he rarely did, one of those explosions of all the pain and anger of being let down, of hoping to no avail, of wanting and never getting …damn you Heath….damn you to hell.                    
Adrian enjoyed his ride home already missing the feel of Jake’s arms wrapped around him; he zoomed past motorists on the freeways of the southland, at speeds well over the limit.  He wasn’t usually reckless but today…well today had been an unusually surprising day. He resisted the urge to pinch himself to make sure this wasn’t just all a dream. Talk about waking up to your fantasy.


It had taken every once of his self control to hold back; still not knowing why exactly he did, but knowing that he wanted a shot at being more than a quick fuck to divert attention from whatever had really been on Jake’s mind.


So he had stopped Jake and they had spent the day lazing around in the sun. Occasionally they ventured into the breaking waves as they came ashore on the pacific beach; swimming far out into the ocean until they were completely exhausted.


They had exchanged numbers and promised to sneak off again, whenever they felt like they needed a break from their regular lives.


He had unsuccessfully  tried to gauge Jake’s reaction, to the abrupt end he had put to whatever it was that had been brewing between them. Jake acted almost as if nothing had happened…the sexual tension oscillating until Adrian wasn’t so sure it hadn’t all been simply a figment of his imagination.


Either way he enjoyed Jake’s company and the thought crossed his mind that even if they could be nothing more than friends he would not mind in the least. Well he liked to kid himself like that…


Adrian tried to remember when he had ever been this happy…probably when he had received his admission letter to medical school, the day he matched with the residency program at Cedars Sinai. Funny how they were all related to his career; Medicine had always been his first love; his job always coming first and foremost.


Just as he pulled up into the driveway, turning off the engine of his bike, he felt the vibrations of his phone. He reached for the phone, starring at a number he didn’t recognize, making a mental short list of who could be calling him on a Saturday afternoon. He thought of ignoring the call, but then made the split second decision to answer anyway, after all, he was having a good day.




The voice on the other side identified himself as Dr. Walker.


Dr Walker? Dr Walker! Adrian was still in Jake mode and it took him a second to place the caller. He cleared his throat and dressed his voice in his most somber professional attire “Dr Walker, what a pleasure! How can I help you?”


“Well I am calling about the position on my research team you applied for. Apparently the board approved the extra grants so we can included your study in the program”  


Adrian was ecstatic, could this day get any better! He concluded Jake must be a good luck charm. “That’s wonderful Sir. So when do I start?”


“You will receive a package from the coordinators. I just wanted to call and congratulate you in person. There were several residents we interviewed, but you were my favorite and I am glad the entire team reached the same consensus. I think the project you are planning to undertake will shed some light that will be useful while trying to understand the bigger picture, so welcome on board Dr Hunter!”


“Oh Thanks! I will be an honor to work with you!” Adrian had so many questions but he figured they could wait until after he got the details of his position; not being able to help himself he asked just one, “Did I also get approved for independent funding and full facility use?”


“Yes definitely…you will have to get approval from me for the specifics, but yes, you have full funding from the grant and all the high-tech equipment at our facilities is open to your use.”


“This is very good News. You have made my day Dr. Walker!”


Now, there was literally no day Adrian had ever been this happy. He made a point to note the date… suddenly he felt like dancing; like throwing his hands up in the air in triumphant delight.


He hoped Riley was home. The door was unlocked; he was.


“Riley!” He yelled; the happiness in his voice reverberating almost visible, like ripples in the air; definitely perceptible to Riley, who stuck his head out from his room, the look on his face definitely curious, as to what could have Adrian quite so excited.


For a second Adrian was glad for the phone call; now he had a cover for his delirious state of mind. It was probably impossible to say for sure which new development had him most excited but he dared to think it was having Jake’s arms wrapped around him. He wasn’t planning on telling Riley or anyone about Jake, not just yet.


“We are going out and drinks are on me. I just got a call from Dr Walker. I am in!” Adrian looked down at himself “well as soon as I hit the shower and change, that is.” He was laughing and Riley was taking giant steps towards him.


Oh My God, That’s awesome, I know how much you have wanted this!” Riley pulled him into an embrace…feeling very happy for his friend, and silently hoping that some of that luck would rub off too.


“Well I have some news for you too.” Riley said “I got that audition for next week. Nothing major, but quite a leap for me. So tonight we celebrate for both of us!”


“Oh Riley, that’s awesome!” Adrian smiled, glad for his friend and thinking; there were three reasons and counting to be celebrating.


He hit the showers wanting to wash off the ocean water and the thin white film of salt it left on him.  He stood under the jet of warm water and as he lathered up him self with soap he couldn’t help but think of Jake, and those gorgeous hands rubbing the oily sun block all over him. He placed his hands on the tiles of the shower leaning on them, eyes closed, trying to compose himself, willing away the raging hard-on.


The memory of Jake’s tongue sticking out and licking those inviting lips, the feel of him rubbing up behind him, made his cock throb. He took a deep breath and giving up the mental battle lowered one hand to grip his cock, imagined what could have been had he let Jake slip his fingers into his briefs. His breathing quickened, man he was hard; had been all day, and he needed the release. He increased the pace of his stroke until he was at the height of the tension that had been building all day, then he came, shuddering, his legs barely holding him; he shot his spunk all over. 


When he got back down form the high, he laughed at himself, thinking how he hadn’t reverted to whacking off in the bathroom since he was a teenager. This was all Jake’s doing; he smiled, hoping he would at least last a few hours without a hard-on and somehow knowing he wouldn’t, all it would take would be a simple whiff of fragrance. Hell all it would take was thinking about it…he was already getting hard…Get a grip man, you aren’t a kid anymore!


Heath looked around a little nervous. There was just about ten minutes before the game started and seat next to him was still empty.


Knowing that very few things could keep Jake away from a Laker game, he began to imagine horrid scenarios to explain Jake’s absence. Just like he had over his daughter the night before, he worked himself into a worried frenzy.  He dialed Jake’s number, the voice on the answering service barely audible, lost in the noise, the shuffle of the fans.


Heath got up, sat down and got up again…finally when he decided he couldn’t sit there and watch the game with game without Jake, he saw Jake, Lakers hat on, strolling towards him without a care in the world. Somehow the Joy of seeing him didn’t find it to his voice “where the fuck you been? I have been trying to call you all day; I was almost thinking you had been in a car crash!”


Jake starred at Heath in disbelief; you got to give it to him the guy had gall. “Nice to see you too. Now if you will just let me get to my seat, the game is about to start and I am not the mood for your crap right now.”


The sharpness of Jake’s tone knocked Heath back; damn here I am going berserk again he thought. “Jake I am sorry, sorry for last night, sorry for going off again just now,” he said contritely then added, “I was just outta ma mind with worry.”


Jake settled into his seat and looking at the desperation in Heath’s eyes, the strong urge to make amends they reflected; he smiled, laid a hand on his friend’s shoulder “It’s ok. I am sorry too.”


Heath let out a sigh of relief; for a moment there he had been worried, afraid that he had pushed Jake away for real with his overbearing manner.  He smiled to himself; the one thing you can always bet Jake wouldn’t miss the game. “So where were you this morning? I must have called you like ten times.”


The entrance of the mascot and cheerleaders drew a response from the crowd that threatened to drown out Heath’s voice. Jake heard him alright, but stood to cheer ignoring the inquisition, a smile forming on his face as he thought of Adrian; a look that Heath did not miss.


The game started and Jake thought to himself how for once no matter the outcome of the game nothing could bring him down. He thanked goodness there were no devices for eves dropping into people’s tots….cos what he was thinking would cause a scandal. Somehow everything seemed to remind him of Adrian, some guy’s hair some, guy’s shirt, some guy’s walk…everything was Adrian; and he could feel himself getting hard thinking about want could have been if Adrian had let him….yeah you would have made a total fool of yourself…he has been fucking guys for forever and you have no clue what to do…yeah but I am a fast learner…I bet I could make him come harder than he ever has…that least bit conjured a mental image of Adrian coming that had his cock agonizingly twitching.


Jake hoped things wouldn’t be awkward with the doc. He had felt completely dejected when  Adrian had pulled his hand away; but the look on Adrian, of trying to rein in a beast, struggling to hang on to control, somehow made him feel better; knowing that whatever the reason it had nothing to do with rejecting Jake’s advances. Maybe the guy just didn’t like to get his grove on in the outdoors. 


He turned to see Heath looking at him and blushed; a crimson red. Damn how could he be sitting next to Heath with a hard-on brought on by thinking of another man? He felt so dirty, but still couldn’t stop the shivers of excitement that ran along his spine.


Kobe made the most impossible basket and the crowd, and Heath, stood to cheer. Not Jake though, the tension in his thighs making it impossible to control his legs. He was unable to command them to lift him out of the seat. He squirmed trying to adjust into a more comfortable position.


He was not paying much attention to the game; no way could any woman get him worked up enough to not pay attention to the game. And Heath, he looked over at his friend, they had barely spoken.  Other times he would be all over Heath like that fly drawn to the black lamp but today…well today he had found honey, and that was so much sweeter.


And yet, Heath had been concerned about him, worried even. He stretched out his arm and pulled Heath against him for a side hug, “don’t worry buddy, we’ll win this game yet!”


Heath, who had been momentarily engrossed in the game, turned to stare at his friend, basking in the smile that lit up Jake’s face. He returned the gesture patting Jake on the shoulder, “Eventually you’ll have to tell me which woman has your mind so preoccupied that you are absent from the game today.”


“…that obvious?”  Jake joked.


“Yeah of course, that and your choice of shorts,” Heath said rolling his eyes.


Jake starred down at the quite visible hard-on tenting his shorts, clearly visible to Heath seated right next to him. “Damn!” he exclaimed.


Heath laughed; finding it rather hilarious… now he knew what Jake had been up to; incommunicado all day!


Jake laughed as well, trying to cover the evidence of his arousal with his jersey, “ok! Ok! You caught me!”


They enjoyed the rest of the game together, things settling into normal between them; but the blood engorging Jake’s bulge wasn’t about no woman, it was chanting; Adrian! Adrian! Adrian!


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May. 23rd, 2006 03:08 am (UTC)
oh yeah, this is what I have been waiting for....
May. 25th, 2006 02:03 am (UTC)
I have been trying to figure out that smiley...lol
Thanks for the comment.
May. 23rd, 2006 04:41 am (UTC)
Hey, brokaholic, this is a fellow Brokeback fan from Dave Cullen's forum. Ever since you posted your links on DC's site, I've been a huge fan of your story.

Keep it up! I'm looking forward to see how the story progresses.

Chad (a.k.a. IAdude71)
May. 25th, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)
Chad, thanks for Taking the time to leave me a post. I appreciate it. I am always glad to see folk from the eyelash thread...somehow I think you guys will share in my little smirk because you know Adrian too.
May. 23rd, 2006 05:21 am (UTC)
Hey Alice .. Thank you for updating.
Things are on the up and up for Dr. Adrian :)
I love Heath very much, so this is rather difficult for me not knowing who to cheer for.LOL!
May. 25th, 2006 02:02 am (UTC)
I know exactly what you mean Dean about not knowing who to cheer for. Normally it would be Heath, but somehow as a Fan I have a deep respect for his relationship with Michelle especially because there is a baby involved and I don't want to demean that...not even simply as the work of fic from an overactive imagination. And if Heath is preoccupied with Matilda and Michelle, where does that leave Jake? This fic is an attempt to tell the story of Jake and his evolution to self discovery....so will Adrian be his knight in shinning amour(I am a sucker for cliche's) I don't know...we'll see.
May. 23rd, 2006 06:33 am (UTC)
Doctor Adrian and Jake are perfect for each other and I hope to read more about them soon!!
May. 25th, 2006 02:04 am (UTC)
Re: More
I think I know a certain person who would so agree with you on that....lol
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Dr Adrian is adorable! Also adorable to see Jake falling in love, although I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of Heath's "unaware" jealousy once the Jake & Adrian situation surface!
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I am still thinking about how to tackle Heath, how he would deal with the situation. I know where I want the story to go but sometimes it's the twists and turns getting there that are fun to watch unfold...

It felt so good to see this comment from you...so yeah I am like most writers a feedback addict (especially of folk whose opinions have come to matter)Thanks!
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Heath better start showing some interest...
Because the good doctor Adrian is clearly and happily getting under Jake's skin and who the hell can't understand. Adrian is amazing and the chemistry between him and Jake is simply great! More, more, more.

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Re: Heath better start showing some interest...
George, I see you have got yourself an LJ account..cool. I don't know how writing would be without your constant comments to encourage me. I always wait to see your take on my updates. Hearing from you that the chemistry between Jake and Adrian is perceptable means I have accomplished what I set out to with this chapter. Thanks for the time you always take to leave a comment.
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Well, Alice, I'm enjoying Jake's and Adrian's mutual attraction, but like Dean, I'm torn because of Heath.

Interesting that Heath thinks it's a woman. He really is clueless at the moment, huh?

Can't wait to see what happens next.
May. 25th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comment!

I tried to establish how clueless Heath is...very unaware in so many ways; Quite the pragmatic pratical guy. So yeah when he senses Jake is preoccupied by an obvious amour, he does assume it is a woman.

Tune in next episode to see what happens next...;-)
May. 23rd, 2006 07:29 pm (UTC)
Ya Did it Again !!!
Alice....once again you proved your ability to keep us all on the edge of
our seats.
Your knowledge of all the main characters is outstanding !!
The writing is great and we appreciate your hard work in presenting this
interesting saga......Now dear....get to work on Chapter 5 !!!!!!

Rob 7
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Re: Ya Did it Again !!!
Hello Rob, Great to hear from you!

I wish I actually knew the characters...lol
and this is me; dashing off to write the next chapter....
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Uh, Dr. Adrian, I feel dizzy somehow... I feel so sweaty and warm...What can we do now?!?

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I am sure the doc can prescribe something...na? hehehe;-)

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Oh wow, Alice this is heating up in a big way!!!
Just love the way you are portraying all three of them together..and different feelings and emotions.

Fantastic! I am so hooked. :)
May. 25th, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
My one weakness in this fic, I know, is the fact that I try to portray all three sides instead of just sticking to one character and the others as collateral. Oh well all I can say is "it's my fic" and I am not trying to go for a lit exam here...lol

Thanks for all your help with my writing! It has been such fun knowing you.

hugs from a brokaholic friend
May. 24th, 2006 03:03 am (UTC)
I wonder what Heath is going to do when he sees Jake and Dr. Adrian together...
May. 25th, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
I'll tell you a secret...*whispers* "me too!"
May. 24th, 2006 03:56 am (UTC)
This is getting steamy. I love seeing Jake testing Ennis and giving him a reason to get a little jealous. Dr. Adrian is such a sweetie, he deserves and needs a second date! You have these guys down. I love this story! Keep writing.
May. 25th, 2006 02:26 am (UTC)
Well the one thing I know for sure is that they have to get a second date...na? but alot has already happened so lets see..
May. 24th, 2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
Hey Alisuca, i'm really impressed, i always knew u have a rich imagiantion, but the way u are describing things & characters...hmmm, i'm proud of u girl! now i know why u didnt have the time or the mood for studying..LOL u made me stay my eyes in the computer reading your story all day! and u know what? reading abt Adrian and his way of beeing, his thoughts, his dedication , something stroke me: it's like Adrian is the masculine side of u! ( c'mmon, dont laugh).U really have to tell me more abt this Adrian guy u give thanks to at the beginning of every capter ;)

You Go, Girl! (Dar nu uita sa si inveti, ca te bat de numa-numa)

Lots of Hugs & Kisses from Mona
May. 24th, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)
ps - it's me again... LOL , hmm ...my english is so rusty lately, so this sentence " it's like Adrian is the masculine side of u!" - i said it wrong. I meant : it's like Adrian is u, but u made him a man. :)) hope this time i said it well, if not i'm sure u know what i mean.
Hugs & kisses
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May. 25th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
Adrian! Adrian! Adrian!!!
More!! I want them to be together so bad it hurts!! I think Dr. Adrian is the most gorgeous man on the planet and that Jake is the most amazing man on the planet so when the two of them are together it's magic, mystery and mania all rolled into one!! I missed reading in this chapter about the two of them together but I guess I understand the need to give Heath some of the spotlight. I think it's wonderful that this story is attracting male and female readers! Good job, but lets get them on a second date, a real date, Quick!!

Shariluv ;)
May. 25th, 2006 02:43 am (UTC)
Re: Adrian! Adrian! Adrian!!!
Don't worry Shariluv, They'll get their date...and I like you enthusiasm...lol
May. 25th, 2006 06:09 am (UTC)
I have an idea. Maybe we could kidnap Jake and Adrian and lock them in a house with full video camera in every room, fully stocked with essentials and leave them there for two months. We could all watch 24/7 and see what develops between them. Nobody would watch American Idol again. Maybe we could all sign a letter and send the idea to 'Fox'. Bet they'd buy it! Cool story. Need more. JMac_84
May. 25th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Experiment
LOL, your comment cracked me up...send the idea to "FOX"...yeah right, I am so sure they are waiting for the chance to pounce on it..hahaha

And besides, Dr. Adrian couldn't leave those sick kids that need him, could he? Whatever would they do without him...;-)
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May. 25th, 2006 09:35 am (UTC)
hehehe :))
U were right , one of the reason i thought abt u when reading abt Adrian, it was that medicine was his first love, the caring too, the thing that he always goes aftre what he wants, the "2 can play that game" thing ( u love these games ), etc. Anyway, u know what? U made him a "Greek God", he's so hot & very smart ( and he's very aware of that ), he loves kids, he's caring, compassionate, he's emotional ( although he's a master in not showing his emotions) he's ambitious, he's a doctor and a very good one & he loves what he's doing....he's a man anyone could fall for (no matter, woman or man... i must confess i would fall for such a specimen, but hey, who won't? )....he's amlost too GOOD to be true... so, where is the trick? what's wrong with this picture? Can he be so , so, so...in every aspect of his interior & exterior life ? ;) hmm...what 's next?

Hugs & kisses
May. 25th, 2006 09:41 am (UTC)
ps - hehehe :))
PS - if HE is real, can i meet him, plssssssssssss? :))
Re: ps - hehehe :)) - brokaholic - May. 25th, 2006 04:48 pm (UTC) - Expand
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May. 25th, 2006 06:13 pm (UTC)
This is wild!
Jakey has a crush on a doctor!! I'd heard of this story but hadn't read it until I came upon the link on the slash thread yesterday. Brokaholic, I have to say, this story is completely underrated. For one thing, I think it's the most 'original' story written so far. Yes, some of the other writers are amazing in putting their thoughts and creations on paper, but, your story is almost autobiographical from the perspective of Jake and Doctor Adrian. It's completely believable and would make a great mini-series, lol. The only constructive criticism I would have at this point, focus on the editing. With proper editing this story would be almost 'perfect'. I say almost because, well, unfortunately, the boys aren't together in real life. Yet. I actually believe this is a story that the great Mr. Gyllenhaal would probably read himself with bated anticipation, or at least with a sly smile. I agree with all when I say "could the good doctor be any hotter??!!". Good work, hope there are many more chapters to come. Nellie_K
May. 25th, 2006 06:37 pm (UTC)
Re: This is wild!
I like to think Mr G has a sense of humour, like Adrian certainly does.
Thanks for stopping to comment Nellie, it's appreciated. And I will take note of your point about the editing. I am trying but being that I am not a writer (not by a long shot!) it is not quite so easy. Sometimes I can re-read it and still miss loads of suff, hopefully I am evolving though...
I don't think this fic is necessarily under-rated, most folk on the forum are simply more into J/E fics and don't like RPS at all. This is a stretch cos it is both RPS and with another character. I respect those preferences and don't take them personally.
May. 25th, 2006 06:19 pm (UTC)
12 STeps?
Does anybody else besides me find that this story is becoming addicting? I need help. LOL SarahT.
May. 25th, 2006 06:47 pm (UTC)
Re: 12 STeps?
Sarah that one line made my day! How sweet of you...I guess I better finish the next chapter soon..lol

Well I am addicted too, but to the feedback from you guys...knowing you like it; and that the scenarios the way I picture them in my head are coming across inbetween the lines...
Re: 12 t - (Anonymous) - Jun. 3rd, 2006 07:30 pm (UTC) - Expand
May. 29th, 2006 01:41 pm (UTC)
G'day mate! You need to write more and post them up! This is shaping up into one of the best story I have read. At the risk of sounding needy and pushy, I say this again, 'MORE!!' *Ahem*


Jun. 1st, 2006 10:43 am (UTC)
Please, ma'am, I want some more!
You have alot more lurkers than just me, I'm quite sure. You've got a great story going here, made even more interesting in that all of us forum members know that Dr. Adrian is very real and perhaps the most ardent Gyllenhaalic of us all - so it adds an element of real possibility/anticipation to your story. Plus it doesn't hurt that the pics of him on The Casting Couch thread prove him to be almost as heart-stoppingly beautiful as Jake!

So please, get a move on and post us some more chapters!! I've GOT to know what happens, and soon! ;)

Jun. 9th, 2006 04:57 am (UTC)
Re: Please, ma'am, I want some more!
meira, I have to agree, Adrian (doctor Adrian) is an absolute stunner! Jake would have to be crazy to pass this one up!! Katie K.
Jun. 4th, 2006 01:00 am (UTC)
Heee - I think I need to be on heath's team since he doesn't seem to have too many supporters in this fic! LOL

Woo - can't wait to see the fisticuffs between him and Dr A!!
Jun. 9th, 2006 05:00 am (UTC)
heath who??
Heath who? Have you seen Doctor Adrian!!? I LOVE THIS FICTION!
Sara L.
Jun. 9th, 2006 05:17 am (UTC)
Very hot!
I agree that this story is so much better than some of the other ones that have been written about Heath and Jake. I love the direction you are taking this one and that Jake is moving on with his life away from Heath. They were a superb pairing in the movie but I think that Jake needs Dr. Adrian to inject a little love into his life. I hope things work out between them. Can't wait for chapter 5!
Taiba R.
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